Chromaluxe Aluminium – Why Choose it?

As printing onto Chromaluxe aluminium is a new way of printing I thought I would put up a little article on why we choose to print onto it.

“ChromaLuxe is the leading brand of print media providing ultimate image clarity and vibrancy. Through dye-sublimation, images are infused into specially coated surfaces to provide the most durable, longest lasting print medium. The vibrancy and dimensionality of ChromaLuxe products rival any photographic product.” – Taken from Chromaluxe official website. You can read more on chromaluxe aluminium on their website.

chromaluxe aluminium


What is Sublimation?

Dye sublimation is a digital print technology that allow the reproduction of full color images on a variety of surfaces. Dye sublimation on hard surface surfaces, such as ChromaLuxe, is possible because the surfaces have been coated using an innovative manufacturing processes that provide high-definition, durable photo panels that preserve images for generations. Instead of printing images directly on a surface, which may scratch easily, the image is infused into the coating to provide permanent protection and durability.

Myself (Mark Upfield) and Nigel Kenny have been professional photographers for many years. I myself have been photographing landscapes for 14 years and have always looked for products that suite my work. Last year I found Chromaluxe Aluminium and I was sold from the second I saw them. I had some test prints done and before we knew it Simply Fine Art Printing was born. After purchasing the printer and heat press we stocked up and started learning how to sharpen and colour correct properly for every variation of print that could come in.

chromaluxe aluminium

A few months later we set up our print lab and started taking orders and the feedback speaks for itself.

Matt Orchard – “Unparalleled quality and great knowing your supporting a local business. Cheers guys!”

Ben Holland – “Unprecedented customer service with a quality end product!”

Olivia Kimber – “Fantastic company! My slate is just perfect and is so original. Mark spent time with me picking out the picture and was lovely! Would highly recommend to everyone. Thank you guys!”

Sarah Judge – “Totally in love with my photo slate! It’s stunning and amazing quality! Fab service as always! Thank you !”

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